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Author: Margarita Vidiella

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We're celebrating 40 years of ground breaking work in blood cancer care this year. Read how Leukaemia UK has helped revolutionise your treatment



The Big Give Christmas Challenge - Thank you

Thank you for helping us raise £4,656 in the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017


Author: Margarita Vidiella

Your stories

  • Abyaz

    Abyaz was diagnosed with juvenile myelomonocytic leukaemia when he was two years old. After his first bone marrow transplant he developed acute myeloid leukaemia. Read more

  • Debbie

    Debbie was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia in 2011 as a university student. Read about the help she received from Leukaemia UK. Read more

  • Billie

    Billie, 31, was diagnosed with leukaemia two years ago. She set up Billie's Fund, which has so far raised £18,000 for the charities that helped her during treatment. We are delighted that Leukaemia UK is one of Billie's nominated charities. Read more



  • Tea and cake for Leukaemia UK

    Why not organise a tea party or coffee morning to raise funds for Leukaemia UK? Read more

  • Virgin London Marathon 2018

    Run the most prestigious marathon in the world for Leukaemia UK. Read more

  • Superhero run

    Here is your chance to become a real-life superhero as you pull on your cape and descend on Regent’s Park, London. And what could be more heroic than raising money for Leukaemia UK? Read more